Directional Dome

Directional Dome

Skylock’s plug-and-play system that utilizes line-of-sight sensor technology to both detect and neutralize unauthorized drones entering a secured perimeter. It consists of a 360° RF detector and internal GPS, and provides a real-time display that includes the directional finding of the drones, the utilized drone frequency, and its protocol.

Fixed Solution

Skylock’s partnered RF detector-jammer system is a flexible solution to a multitude of situations. The RF Detector is a networked RF sensor capable of gathering information on the incursive drone up to four kilometers, depending on the RF environment. It can collect information such as model number, protocol, and vendor information, and can determine the […]

Portable Dome

The PORTABLE DOME is a plug-and-play system that utilizes line-of-sight sensor technology to detect and mitigate incursive drones invading an assigned perimeter. The PORTABLE DOME contains a 360° RF detector, internal GPS, and compass that allows it to provide omnidirectional counter-drone coverage while on the move. The RF detector has no ‘dead zone’ and covers […]


Portable and cost-effective, DRONELOCK is an autonomous multi-rotor, using kinetic energy and sophisticated C-UAS tracking to detect intercept and neutralise hostile drones, using proprietary onboard AI and advanced machine vision processing.  DRONELOCK is used to intercept a single target or a drone swarm. DRONELOCK is an easy-to-operate, beyond visual line-of-sight C-UAS solution that can operate […]

Wearable Solutions

COUNTER DRONE WEARABLE SKYLOCK’s innovative, end-to-end detection and defeat solution mitigates all types of malicious drone threats. Our smart wearable solution provides dismounted soldiers complete protection against commercial drones used by unfriendly forces for reconnaissance or as a weapon delivery system.

Skydome C4I

CUSTOMISABLE USER INTERFACE Fully customisable,  the integrated Graphic User Interface is designed for  large infrastructures, the SDK/API development tool allows integration of additional  sensors into an existing infrastructure. Any alarm recorded by the RF sensor is instantly shown on the server screen in the mission control room or field tablet, indicating which zone has been activated, […]

Mobile Counter Drone Units

Drones pose a real and genuine threat to both aircraft and public safety. As drone incidents continue to escalate, airports require reliable anti-drone counter-measures to prevent disruption to flights, operations and more importantly, to ensure public safety. SKYLOCK’s passive protection system is specifically designed to provide airports with an impenetrable layer of defence against drone […]