Most off-the-shelf drones are controlled by the pilot or operator remotely; however, advanced drones and UAS platforms have smarter navigation attributes such as “return-home” navigation, position holding and autonomous flight using GPS/GPS/GNSS. The use of autonomous drones to carry out attacks and surveillance missions continue to rise; security operators seek effective counter-drone measures (C-UAS), effective against both controlled and autonomous drones, for critical infrastructures, airports and strategic military locations. Setting industry standards, SKYLOCK invests continuously in R&D to develop vanguard counter-drone technology to mitigate evolving drone threats. SKYLOCK field-proven spoofing solution delivers a comprehensive, non-kinetic counter-drone measure against incursions and attacks from unmanned aerial systems(UAS), both singular and swarm.


While a jamming system operates by blocking the radio frequencies (RF), SKYLOCK’s spoofing technology modifies the communication link of the drone using GNSS manipulation. The counterfeit signal allows the user to mimic the radio-frequency signals broadcast from satellites and manipulate a target receiver’s data. The drone’s GPS receiver recognizes the spoofing signal as legitimate. The spoofing solution has two modes of operation: the defensive dome will force the drone away from the protected area, or, in the case of a ‘no-fly’ zone, the unauthorized drone cannot take-off (or, if airborne, will land immediately). SKYLOCK’s spoofing solution operates effectively on all drones, regardless of size, wing/propeller type, or speed. With two modes of operation, the technology creates an invisible protective dome over a critical infrastructure or designated area, generating a ‘no-fly’ zone across a two-kilometre area. SKYLOCK specialises in designing modular solutions that operate autonomously or as part of a comprehensive solution. The spoofer seamlessly integrates into the C4I platform and operates as a standalone solution or in conjunction with a jamming system. Effective against active or dark drones, security officers can control their environment effectively in all weather and environmental conditions, both day and night.


Once the UAS reads the counterfeit signal as valid, the spoofing technology will operate in one of two ways: the unseen protective dome will force a drone away from the protected area or, in the case of the ‘no-fly’ zone, the drone will be unable to take off (or will immediately land, if it is airborne). Skylock’s spoofer is operative against all drones, regardless of size, wing/propeller type, or speed, and is ideal for defense against any and all unauthorized drone and will be fully effective across an area of two kilometres.

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Counter Drone Mitigation Systems