SKYLOCK, part of the Avnon HLS Group, is a leading authority for the design and production of counter-drone technologies for the detection, verification and neutralisation of unauthorised drones.
Our experts develop modular, multi-layered anti-drone systems and counter-measures, delivering comprehensive solutions for airports, critical infrastructures, military bases and national events against evolving drone threats. SKYLOCK solutions enable governments, municipalities and HLS organisations to anticipate and rapidly respond effectively to unlawful drone incursions.

As technologies advance, drones are becoming faster, smaller and deadlier. The need for anti-drone counter-measures to mitigate threats is imperative. With the ability to easily add a payload, the use of drones and UAV’s operated by malicious or criminal organisations poses a wide array of threats to public safety and national security:

Skylock - About us



SKYLOCK designs and develops comprehensive, modular anti-drone platforms and counter-measures to manage a wide range of complex drone and UAS threats. 



The long-term mission of SKYLOCK is to become the potential customers first choice for anti-drone solutions. We are and will remain client-orientated. We will continue to expand our in-house anti-drone technologies and capabilities through R&D. We will achieve our internal and external goals through teamwork, leadership and accountability.



SKYLOCK will become the leading counter-drone authority, synonymous with C-UAS expertise, shaping a global consensus that places SKYLOCK at the top of the list when a counter UAV solution is required.


our sales team

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itzik huber
Itzik Huber / CEO
  • Extensive experience in the fields of defense and security, technological development, project management and collaborations with defense industries and security organizations in Israel and abroad, foreign relations,  information security, space  and aviation and more.
  • Previously held a key position in the Prime  Minister s Office, Tel Aviv.
  • Former Senior Sales Manager in the Aircraft  Division at Elbit Systems.
  • Air Force pilot.
asaf lebovich
Asaf Lebovitz / VP Sales
  • Extensive experience leading
    global defence companies to growth while opening up international markets and increasing their profitability.
  • Former Regional Director at  the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • Formerly managed the regional operations of Cochrane International in Mozambique.
ofer kachan
Ofer Kachan / CTO
  • Extensive knowledge in business development, RF product development,  characterization and implementation of technological solutions.
  • Extensive managerial experience in leading project  managers, R&D, QA and  administration.
  • Former Director of Business Development and Global Sales at XVTEC, CEO of ATX Networks Israel and former Regional Sales Director at Rotal Networks.
yariv levy
Yariv Levy / VP Business Development
  • Yariv has been with Avnon Group since 2013 and has a vast experience in the HLS & Defence Markets in Asia and Africa.
  • Yariv has successfully led several regional projects and collaborations that helped to establish SKYLOCK as a strategic player in the global anti-drone arena. 
  • Former IDF Special Forces.
  • Vast experience in opening new markets and creating new sales distribution channels and a network of agents worldwide.