Presidential Guard Counter Drone Protection

Presidential Guard Counter Drone Protection



Drones not only pose a threat to military personnel, critical infrastructures, airports and prisons, but the danger of malicious drone activities also applies to government officials, VIPs and corporate leaders. The threat lies in using sophisticated, off-the-shelf drones equipped with high-resolution cameras to gather intelligence, map out a facility, gather industrial intelligence, or invade privacy. A more dire scenario is drones carrying weaponised payloads or chemical agents carried out by terrorist factions or non-state actors.

The protection of high-ranking officials on the move or appearing at outdoor public events has become a challenge to security agencies. Drones render traditional security measures vulnerable with their ability to fly low and fast; small drones are hard to detect. As the number of unauthorised drone incursions and attacks increases, it has become essential to implement more stringent security measures using counter-drone technologies.

Primarily counter drone technologies were developed for military use to combat threats posed to ground forces by weaponed drones. Counter drone security is no longer “a nice to have”; it has become a necessity.
The threat landscape has diversified, requiring counter drone solutions to mitigate drone incursions or attacks in urban or inner-city environments, airports or government and corporate structures.

The SKYLOCK VIP DOME is a portable plug & play system to neutralise unauthorised drones entering a secured perimeter by creating a protective dome. The system has two modes of operation- Detection and jamming, or automatic jamming. The detection and jamming mode scans for drones using an array of Omni-directional antennas.

Once the system has detected a threat, an automated command is transmitted to the jamming unit, blocking all radio communication channels, including GPS signals and video links.
The system detects the drone’s general direction and transmitting a specific beam forcing it to drift away and lose communication with its operator.

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