Counter Drone Mitigation Systems


The drone market continues to grow rapidly as new technologies are developed. Drones are becoming faster, with long flight endurance and the ability to carry heavier payloads. Used in many industries, drones have become a part of both military and urban landscape. Unfortunately, they can be turned into deadly weapons in the wrong hands, from terror attacks and assassination attempts on political leaders to attacks on critical infrastructures and smuggling across borders.

Skylock provides a range of anti-drone jammers, from stationary and portable RF jammers,  mobile and wearable solutions to hand-held jamming solutions for ground forces, law enforcement and homeland security agencies, airports and civil authorities.

SKYLOCK’s  RF drone signal jammer provides multi-range jamming capabilities. The RF jammer blocks the connection between the hostile drone’s video, telemetry, command control navigation systems and the device’s operator. This allows security forces to effectively disable the drone, forcing it back to its home base or grounding the drone at its current location by jamming the communication channels.

Skylock offers a wide array of field-proven, mid-long range, non-kinetic and soft-kill counter-drone technologies for drone neutralisation. Our R&D experts specialise in developing and designing high-quality drone signal jammers for military and civil applications.