Fixed Solution

Fixed Solution

Rf Detector – Watchdog

Main Features

Skylock’s partnered RF detector-jammer system is a flexible solution to a multitude of situations. The RF Detector is a networked RF sensor capable of gathering information on the incursive drone up to four kilometers, depending on the RF environment. It can collect information such as model number, protocol, and vendor information, and can determine the bearing of the detected signal. With multiple sensors, the WATCHDOG can be used to triangulate the drone or operator’s direction.
RF Detector & Jammer

RF Jammer – Doberman

The RF Jammer (DOBERMAN) is a scalable, next-generation solution that facilitates advanced jamming methods up to one kilometer; the means of technology include reactive focused jamming and collaborative jamming. The advanced jammer protects any perimeter against drone threats by actively disrupting the control signal between the drone and its operator.


When combined, the Fixed Solution is a multi-purpose protection system that provides thorough protection that can be used many ways, including, but not limited to:
  • Border Fence – the advanced sensors can be deployed along the delineated border, every one kilometer, to provide full anti-drone coverage
  • Buildings – with three detectors bound together, they can reach a 270° azimuth coverage, covering the corner of any significant and vital building.
  • Tank or ship – detectors and jammers can be applied to the exterior of the vehicle to provide protection against drones approaching from any direction.

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