Directional Dome

Directional Dome

Directional Dome

Main features

Skylock’s plug-and-play system that utilizes line-of-sight sensor technology to both detect and neutralize unauthorized drones entering a secured perimeter. It consists of a 360° RF detector and internal GPS, and provides a real-time display that includes the directional finding of the drones, the utilized drone frequency, and its protocol.

The RF Jammer

  • Through two modes of operation, manual and automatic jamming, the systems cans for drones with an array of antennae. Depending on the RF environment, detection can occur up to a distance of four kilometers away, with a mitigation range of up to one kilometer in radius.
  • With a pre-programmed electronic library of drones and no ‘dead zone,’ the RF detector covers all directions and all airborne incursions. When it detects a threat, it relays an automated command to the RF jamming unit. The jamming technology immediately and effectively blocks all radio communication channels between the drone and its operator and prevents continued incursion into the area.


It runs on either battery or AC electrical power (via generator or uninterruptible power supply – UPS), and to distinguish between friend or foe, can log drones onto a protocol-based white list or black list, respectively. Quick deployment and highly rapid detection (less than five seconds)make the Directional Dome not just suitable, but invaluable to VIPs. Please contact Skylock for more information about the Directional Dome.
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