Wearable Solutions

Wearable Solutions




SKYLOCK offers an innovative, end-to-end detect and defeat solution to mitigate all types of malicious drone threats.
Our smart wearable solution provides dismounted soldiers full protection against commercial drones used by unfriendly forces for reconnaissance or as a weapon delivery system. With a rugged exterior, weighing only 775g, per unit, this versatile platform allows dismounted soldiers to focus on their mission.

Our combat-proven wearable counter UAS solution can detect and mitigate remote-controlled commercially available drones (UAS, UAV, RAPS, etc.) at long ranges – and often before the drone takes off.  

Developed for special forces, police, and security personnel, it provides users with industry-leading technology for increased protection and situational awareness in a wide range of missions and operations.

The wearable counter UAS solutions will protect the dismounted soldier on a mission and in critical situations, while providing security personnel with the means to protect their clients against malicious drones.   


Skyjam Wearable Solutions
The wearable counter UAS solution consists of wearable RF sensors for drone detection, jammers that utilise smart jamming to defeat enemy drones, and an Active, quad-band external omnidirectional antenna. Working together, they make a complete detect-and-defeat solution to mitigate the threat of malicious drones. Our constant focus on reducing Size, Weight and Power consumption, ensures that the wearable counter UAS solution is rugged, small, light, and power-efficient.

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