Counter Drone Gun – Skybeam

Counter Drone Gun – Skybeam


SKYBEAM counters Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). The SKYBEAM has radio
modules for most popular RPAS control, video and GPS frequencies. The RF module works
only in the selected frequency range and does not interfere with other legitimate service
providers; additional modules are available for specific requirements. Weighing only 6kg
the SKYBEAM is fully mobile. Antennas and equipment modules and antennas are mounted
on a single frame.
The SKYBEAM is ready to be used with one single push of the button (Power on).

SKYBEAM is ideal for police, army, public safety, and other state-delegated defense units.

skybeam anti drone gun


  • Designed to counter Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)
  • Mitigation of control, video and navigation signals
  • Fully mobile
  • All modules are integrated and ready to be used by activating the trigger
  • Ready to be used with one push of a button (power on)
  • The SKYBEAM is provided with all required power supply equipment, cables etc.
  • Battery operation time – up to one hour
  • Changeable batteries
  • Installed battery charge module allows charging batteries while operating
  • Additional (spare) batteries available
  • The SKYBEAM can operate on 2 different power supplies

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