Counter Drone Border Protection

As criminals become increasingly tech-savvy, safeguarding international borders against malicious UAS activity places intricate demands on border control agencies and law enforcement officials.

These challenges include many things, one of which is thwarting various incursions from drug cartels. These cartels utilise drones for reconnaissance missions, smuggling, and attacks on law enforcement and military personnel. Additionally, we have recently seen terror organisations carry out aerial attacks on targets and critical infrastructures, such as the Saudi oil refinery, using small drones and drone swarms.


Skylock integrates a wide range of advanced anti-drone technologies to create comprehensive protection for border security agencies. Our integrated C4i platform delivers security operators with real-time alerts from the RF detector and radar systems to be adequately equipped with accurate and actionable intelligence.

Our customised border concepts address client’s specific cross-border threats. Adopting a holistic approach, we incorporate advanced drone detection, geolocation, and neutralisation technologies and methods to monitor and mitigate incursions and illegal trafficking via border airspace.


From fixed and mobile radars, RF detectors and multi-range jammers, to advanced, anti-drone solutions, Skylock offers a broad suite of modular, scalable solutions and systems for advanced protection of an assortment of maritime and land borders, including those monitored, unattended, isolated or remote.

Our innovative solutions provide a steadfast shield against advancing drone technologies and ensure comprehensive border protection for law enforcement, border control units, and HLS agencies to ensure maximum aerial security.


  • Reactive Focused Jamming
  • Collaborative Jamming
  • Autonomous Jamming
  • Rapid Installations
  • Stationary Installations
  • Handheld Counter UAS Technologies
  • White List Management
  • Mobile Solutions









solution_border-protection Passive RF Detection System with Aeroscope

RF Detection


Radar Detection

EO/IR Acquisition


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