C-UAS Portable Dome


Meeting Your Needs:
Solutions for Fixed Site
& On-the-Move Applications


Enhanced Security On-the-Go

SkyLock Portable Dome ensures enhanced security with its portable design and advanced detection technologies. Offering both automatic and manual operation modes, it provides adaptability to various security needs.

With its lightweight and plug-and-play setup, deployment is quick and effortless in any location. Rest assured knowing that SkyLock Portable Dome effectively neutralizes drone threats, including swarm attacks, wherever you are.

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Advanced Protection Wherever You Need It


Portable, plug and play systems to neutralise unauthorised drones entereing a secured perimeter.

Multiple Layers

Multiple Layers of Detection
DF, AI, Decoding Geolocation for Swarm detection.

Automatic modes

Automatic/manual operations modes.

All-in-one, lightweight, 5-minute setup and differentiation between friend and foe (White/Black list).


On-the-move capability

swarm attacks

Dealing with swarm attacks

3KM detection_

3KM detection and mitigation.

The PORTABLE DOME is a plug-and-play system that utilizes line-of-sight sensor technology to detect and mitigate incursive drones invading an assigned perimeter.

The PORTABLE DOME contains a 360° RF detector, internal GPS, and compass that allows it to provide omnidirectional counter-drone coverage while on the move. The RF detector has no ‘dead zone’ and covers all directions. Upon detecting a threat, the system relays an automated command to the jamming unit.


  • The RF jammer instantly blocks all radio communication between the drone and its remote control, preventing any further incursion and danger to the VIP.


  • The PORTABLE DOME maintains an electronic library of drones. More advanced, it has AI capabilities where not only will it detect one on the pre-programmed list, but it will also identify a DIY drone not already included.


Integrated C4I

  • Includes a visual display of the directional finding of the drones, the drone frequency, and its utilized protocol. Depending on the ‘noise’ within the RF environment, detection can occur up to a distance of three kilometers away, with mitigation matching that distance –preventing the approach of any enemy drones.

"Skylock Portable Dome's portability and advanced features have transformed our security approach. Its versatility and ease of deployment ensure our perimeter remains protected against drone threats, providing invaluable peace of mind." – Africa Region, Security Manager