Skylock Anti-Drone Systems

Up to 20km
Up to 3.5 km

Anti Drone Destruction System

Drone Destruction

From 200m up to 800m

Drone Detection

Up to 20km
Up to 3.5 km

Drone Neutralization

Up to 3km

Drone EO/IR Acquisition

Up to 4km

Anti Drone Destruction System

Drone Destruction

From 200m up to 800m

anti drone airport security system


SKYLOCK’s anti drone system unique and flexible approach enables us to offer comprehensive anti drone protection. Our multi-layered platform is comprised of modular, passive and/or active systems for the detection, verification and neutralization of unauthorized drones. All our systems are customized to meet your specific threats and budgetary requirements. 


As drones become faster, smaller, cheaper and deadlier, with the ability to add a payload, the need for countermeasures to ensure public safety is imperative. Drones pose a wide array of threats to public safety and national security. The team at SKYLOCK understands that drone technology is continually evolving, creating newer and more substantial challenges such as drone swarms using preprogrammed drones. With a growing demand for countermeasures, SKYLOCK has developed a flexible, multi-layered, anti-drone solution that provides a customised solution to meet the tactical requirements of each facility, from airports and critical infrastructures to government headquarters.

Multiple drones


■ Multi-layer protection 
■ Modular systems 
■ A complete anti-drone solution 
■ 360° coverage 
■ On the move capabilities 
■ Unified chain of logistics 
■ Field proven and fully operational

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  • Israeli combat proven technology
  • Modular anti drone solution
  • Fast delivery
  • Strong laser

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