Radar Precision Tracker

Radar Precision Tracker

Main Features

Skylock’s precision tracker is a long-range radar that provides detection and tracking of invading unmanned aerial systems, up to a distance of 2.5 kilometers.

A free standing radar, it is used in conjunction with our three-panel, omni-directional, long-range radar system.When integrated, once the system detects a threat, an automated command is communicated to the tracker, who then follows it and identifies the location of the incursion, achieving precise geolocation within five meters of the target.

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The tracker achieves this by utilizing X-band technology and micro-doppler processing within its proprietary software. It concentrates and confirms the identity of smaller targets by recognizing the distinctiveness of drone propellors. With the highest standard of precision for the identified no-fly zone, North Star assists authorities in controlling unmanned airspace in defined areas against malicious drone incursions or attacks and reduces false alarms triggered by birds.

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