Verification Anti-drone Systems



After detection of an incursive drone, the next step is identification of the threat. Hostile drones are one of the fastest-growing threats to the security of the public, and the importance of safety in the skies over airports and critical infrastructures cannot be over-emphasized. Skylock provides two very precise verification systems to recognize and classify the exact type of risk. The electro-optic and infrared trackers (EO/IR cameras), with their thermal and daytime imaging, deliver a user-friendly target identification with high sensitivity and long-range performance.

Our radar precision trackers offer detection and tracking of unmanned aerial vehicles up to 2.5 kilometers away. By utilizing X-band technology, it can confirm the identity of smaller targets, thereby assisting authorities in monitoring and protecting airspace. Working in conjunction with other Skylock systems, these two technologies enable law enforcement, HLS agencies, airports and civil authorities to provide protection and safety to critical infrastructures, military sites, urban landscapes, and more.



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