SKYLOCK Day, June 2018

On June 28th, the Avnon Group held a seminar on security threats, in which the SKYLOCK advanced Anti-UAV system was presented. The event was held in the arid desert of Mitzpe Ramon and was attended by government and high ranking officials from both Israel and abroad. The presentation was a great success and attendees were able to see the system’s capabilities of intercepting multiple drones simultaneously.The SKYLOCK anti-drone system has the ability to deal with threats ranging from airports, critical infrastructures incursions, carrying lethal payloads or smuggling contraband into prisons.With a 360° rotating radar system SKYLOCK has the ability to detect up to 200 drones simultaneously. The advanced electro-optical system provides observation, detection, recognition, and identification of a drone up to 2.5km. The system was officially unveiled at the Eurosatory 2018 show in Paris, June 11-15th and has generated a lot of interest.Presentation Day Gallery Eurosatory 2018 Gallery 

SKYLOCK1 is currently been used by several countries to protect airbases, border areas and Presidential Guard against drone threats.

The Jerusalem Post

Army Recognition

The Mitzpe Ramon desert area seemed as desolate as ever, with no noise or activity as far as we could see in a 360-degree panorama from the mountaintop.

Then suddenly there was a buzzing noise and movement.

Drone technology is advancing rapidly, bringing with it a raft of beneficial applications, whilst also creating the potential for a number of new and evolving threats to governments, homeland security, infrastructure and public safety. SKYLOCK has today launched its cutting-edge anti-drone system, which provides effective solutions against these threats.
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