Correctional Facilities Counter Drone Solutions

Correctional Facilities Counter Drone Solutions


The use of drones has become a significant threat to the security of correctional facilities worldwide. Compact, remotely controlled and easy to operate, a sophisticated commercial drone with a built-in GPS can carry approximately a 1.5kg payload.  These lightweight drones are relatively cheap to purchase and easy to operate. The drone is flown over the […]

Maritime Counter Drone Solutions


The SKYLOCK maritime solutions deliver end to end, comprehensive protection of naval vessels and assets, whether in harbour, nearshore, or during patrol and reconnaissance missions, to prevent attacks from hostile UAVs. The fully customisable, integrated platform is easily installed on a vessel’s cabin roof and provides 360° detection, tracking, and interception of low-flying objects. A […]

Military/Police Bases Counter Drone Solutions


Over the last decade, military and federal agencies have faced increased national security threats as the number of drone incursions into restricted airspace has rapidly escalated. As a result, this has led the US FAA to implement many restrictions on unmanned aircraft operators, creating No-Drone zones to deter drone operators from entering sensitive government facilities and ensuring national security.

Counter Drone Protection for Mass Events


Drone incidents are on the rise. However, most of these incursions were at the hands of drone hobbyists who negligently flew a drone into no-flight zones, coming dangerously close to colliding with aircraft or using drones to take capture images or video of buildings and celebrities illegally. There have already been several drone incidents at […]

Presidential Guard Counter Drone Protection


Drones not only pose a threat to military personnel, critical infrastructures, airports and prisons, but the danger of malicious drone activities also applies to government officials, VIPs and corporate leaders. The threat lies in using sophisticated, off-the-shelf drones equipped with high-resolution cameras to gather intelligence, map out a facility, gather industrial intelligence, or invade privacy. […]

Critical Infrastructure Counter Drone Solutions


As drone technology advances, the use of autonomous and pre-programmed drones to carry out unauthorised surveillance missions or large-scale attacks is on the rise. Despite implementing regulations to restrict the use of drones, height and flight restrictions, the challenge lies in enforcing the regulations. Unauthorised drones pose a clear threat to an array of critical […]

Counter Drone Border Protection


As criminals become increasingly tech-savvy, safeguarding international borders against malicious UAS activity places intricate demands on border control agencies and law enforcement officials. These challenges include many things, one of which is thwarting various incursions from drug cartels. These cartels utilise drones for reconnaissance missions, smuggling, and attacks on law enforcement and military personnel. Additionally, […]

Airport Counter Drone Protection


In recent years the aviation industry has experienced an alarming increase in near-collisions between drones and aircraft during take-off and landing due to unauthorised drones straying into commercial airspace. In many cases, these incidents have resulted in severe disruption to flights and airport operations, causing substantial financial damage. To mitigate such incidents, airports require reliable […]

AR After Sale Service


Providing a demonstration is also a part of installation where the customer service team install the product and demonstrate the functions of the product. USER TRAINING  & AR AFTER SALES SERVICE Using an intuitive, Microsoft HoloLens goggles application the advanced augmented reality technology, our clients enjoy a unique service experience. The user can study and […]