Radar Cone

Radar Cone


Skylock’s 360° short range fixed radar, Obelisk, delivers accurate and complete coverage for the defined no-flight zone. This is a new caliber of mid-range 3D ground and drone surveillance; it is the optimal solution for detecting, tracking, and responding to threats on the ground and in low-altitude airspace simultaneously. Weighing less than forty pounds and […]



UrbanLock enables security & safety forces, military and law enforcement to easily achieve comprehensive drone aerial situational awareness. UrbanLock is a passive (non-transmitting) RF interception solution which detects, geolocates and tracks low-altitude commercial-off-the-shelf drones. UrbanLock is also able to geolocate the drone operator. UrbanLock provides a wide coverage and highly accurate situational awareness picture of drones operating in a monitored […]

360° Radar Detection


The outer layer of protection is provided by three 120° panels delivering accurate 360° coverage detecting all drones flying in proximity to the defined no-flight zone. The radar system defines the range, azimuth, elevation and velocity measurements, including miniature UAV’s characterised by a low signature speed and altitude.

Advanced SDR Receiver


MAIN FEATURES Sectorial direction. A drone’s operational frequency. ​ Drone & remote control Identification. The system will detect any drone as long as the drone is communicating with the operator. Coverage: Elevation 0-30; Azimuth 360°. Up to 3km for micro-drone detection.