March 2021 Newsletter


Drones have become an ideal weapon of attack for criminal organisations, heightening
a groups’ ability to execute rapid and coordinated attacks, leaving little evidence
behind. The dire situation is highlighted by the insurgents’ willingness to invest in R&D
programs; reportedly recruiting skilled scientists to develop and adapt drones into
lethal autonomous weapon systems. These developments may reinvent terrorist
tactics, adding a new layer to the already growing homeland security challenges.

SKYLOCK, part of the Avnon Group, is a leading authority for the design and production
of comprehensive modular anti-drone technologies and countermeasures for
detection, verification and neutralisation of unauthorised drones.

SKYLOCK’s anti-drone systems provide 360° airspace protection against
evolving drone threats, from critical infrastructures, correctional
facilities, or areas requiring wide coverage such as borders, airports, military
bases and national events.

Our fully operational, anti-drone solutions are widely deployed around the world,
providing governments, Law Enforcement agencies and HLS organisations with
a comprehensive platform to rapidly & effectively anticipate and respond to unlawful drone incursions and malicious drone attacks. 


SKYLOCK provides the ultimate mobile anti-drone platforms for Law Enforcement, HLS and security agencies for the
protection of airports, military bases, critical infrastructures,
borders, ports and other sensitive assets. The modular,
integrated mounted systems provide “on the move” protection
against multiple UAS threats.

SKYLOCK’s modular anti-drone trailer was showcased at IDEX 2021 exhibition in Abu Dabi, equipped with SKYLOCK’s advanced, 360° premium systems and control taking solution, delivers a portable, rapidly deployed platform. The system can be activated and fully operational within 30 minutes.


SKYLOCK’s uniquely flexible approach allows us to deliver customisable,
scalable, multi-layered platforms comprising of modular passive and active
systems to detect, verify, and neutralise unauthorised drones, designed
to meet each clients specific threats and budgetary requirements.


Provides an accurate 360° outer coverage detecting all drones flying in proximity to the
defined no-flight zone.
The radar system defines the range, azimuth, elevation and velocity measurements, including
miniature UAV’s characterised by a low signature speed and altitude.


The Passive RF Detection system is used in urban, built-up environments where obstacles may obstruct the Line of
Sight. Ideal quick deployable usage. The system is comprised of high-gain directional antennas that continuously
scan for the most commonly used aerial frequencies, providing 360° coverage.


SKYLOCK’s advanced, electromechanical, modular, electro-optical system consists of continuous zoom and autofocus
features with a manual/auto control gain.

The system’s EO/IR trackers, thermal imaging and daytime camera, provide ONVIF compliance, with standard industry
mounting options and the option to upgrade or adjust the lens according to requirements. The user-friendly,
scene awareness software facilitates easy integration with high-resolution imaging for target identification.


The RF drone signal jammer blocks the connection between the hostile drone’s video, telemetry, command control,
navigation systems and the device’s operator. The drone is effectively disabled and forced back to its home base or
grounded at its current location by jamming the communication channels.


Autonomous, pre-programmed drones are more difficult to intercept, rendering conventional jamming systems useless. Easy-to-operate, highly responsive, and beyond visual line-of-sight, DRONELOCK is an advanced, autonomous, or semi autonomous system for the destruction of hostile drones.

DRONELOCK is used to intercept a single target or a drone swarm. Once the radar system detects an unauthorised drone, DRONELOCK is rapidly deployed to intercept the moving target. With an array of built-in sensors, the drone against drone system tracks the target, locking onto it and disabling it by collision.

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