July 2020 Newsletter

While the global focus still remains on fighting the spread of COVID 19, it is drawing attention away from equally important and pressing issues. As drone incidents continue to escalate, targeting airports, critical infrastructures and even government leaders, HLS and civil organisations are seeking advanced drone counter-measures to prevent disruption to flights, operations and more importantly ensure public safety.

Used by military, agriculture and industries for aerial monitoring, mapping and surveillance mapping, drones have become a global industry
with an estimated value of $100BN. As such, the development of commercial UAV for delivery services poses new challenges for homeland
security. Used by terrorist groups and criminals, today’s UAV’s can be adapted with relative ease to carry a significant payload, achieving a long-range and acceptable accuracy using inexpensive and increasingly available technology, amid relatively ambiguous regulations.

The increased use of UAVs has strengthened the threat of terrorism to homeland security.
Insurgents, conducting complex operations against high-profile targets. Drones are used by terrorist groups, radicals and criminal who are
honing their technological capabilities and using uas a sophisticated espionage tool to interfere with communications systems, intercept sensitive data.

Undeterred by traditional security perimeter protection and hard to access terrain, drones infiltrate such sites with the greatest of ease.
Drones have become an ideal weapon of attack for such organisations, heightening a groups’ ability to execute rapid and coordinated attacks, leaving little evidence behind. The dire situation is highlighted by the insurgents’ willingness to invest in R&D programs, reportedly recruiting skilled scientists to develop and adapt UAVs into lethal autonomous weapon systems. These developments may reinvent terrorist tactics, adding a new layer to the already growing homeland security challenges.

The SKYLOCK C-UAS solutions are operational in the APAC region, North America and Europe and the Middle East, empowering governments, municipalities and HLS organisations to anticipate and rapidly respond effectively to unlawful drone incursions.and malicious drone attacks.

SKYLOCK’S R&D department is constantly working to develop and improve existing systems and integrate new counter UAS solutions to mitigate new and evolving threats.

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