Knight Dome

Knight Dome



The KNIGHT DOME is the first and only hand-held counter UAS, counter drone technology that employs software-defined radio – SDR.
This technology enables military and security forces to thwart drones’ use by enemy combatants for surveillance, direct attack, IED or other devices on friendly forces.
Compact and lightweight, the KNIGHT DOME facilitates rapid deployment by ground force personnel and security response teams of mobile units, strike teams, checkpoints, and forward outposts. The KNIGHT DOME closes “the gap” in electric fences due to Line of Sight obstructions.

knight dome


  • Field programmable with integrated USB port for software updates
  • Disrupts C2 or GPS link controlling drones to descend or return to origin
  • RF sensor detects all drone signals; aids targeting in all light conditions
  • LED settings adjustable for low to bright light conditions for targeting
  • No operator training required
  • Compact and Lightweight; compatible with military personnel load out
  • Cost-effective

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