SKYLOCK, part of the Avnon Group, designs, develops, and produces anti-drone technologies to detect, verify, and neutralise unauthorised drones predominantly for the defence, HLS and civilian security arenas. Our extensive portfolio offers a wide array of anti-drone solutions and counter-measures that deliver comprehensive protection for a wide range of defence, homeland security and commercial applications. Our bespoke systems and technologies are installed on new platforms or integrated into existing platforms; In addition to SKYLOCK offers training and support services.


  • Radar
  • Short Range Solutions
  • 360° RF Detection
  • Jammers
  • Hard Kill Solutions
  • EO/IR Systems
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Cyber Solutions-Control Taking
  • Portable Solutions

As part of the Avnon Group, SKYLOCK shares many common elements and cooperates with the other subsidiaries within the group on integration projects and R&D, marketing and sales.


The increasing use of Drones/UAVs for malicious intent has impacted multiple industry sectors, each incident highlighting the potential risk to critical assets and national security. The industry is consistently growing due to rising concerns over the potential security threats from unauthorised aircraft systems (UASs) among civilian and military sectors. An increasing number of security violation incidents by such unauthorised unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), coupled with the rise in terrorism and illegal activities, have mainly driven the market over the last few years.

The miss usage of UAVs ting for illicit and undercover activities such as smuggling, contraband and intelligence has escalated. While several prototypes have been developed to counter a single UAV attack, there is a market demand for the development of advanced & sophisticated solutions to counter simultaneous threats from multiple aerial systems. Working to provide a broad spectrum of solutions SKYLOCK believes in developing flexible, modular solutions designed to meet current and future threats.