Insights from a chat with our VP Sales, Hadar Szpiro

Antidrone active system

Recent drone sightings in the vicinity of airports, has led security forces to contact the MHA and airspace security to find solutions.

Two years ago we predicted that commercial drones could become a threat to public safety and it was then that Tomer Avnon ,founder of the Avnongroup started to bring leading experts to develop a solution to drone threats.

From a chat with our VP Sales, Hadar Szpiro, here are few things that might interest you:

SKYLOCK’s competitive edge over other systems in the market is mainly flexibility.
This solution can fit any required function. The system’s modularity is such, that it can be modified for various scenarios: military, airport protection, critical assets/infrastructure protection and so on. Different goals necessitate needing customized solutions to meet the different threats. And we deliver that.

Last, but not least – this system is completely mobile and can be mounted on a vehicle and used in virtually any environment.
One of the greatest advantages of SKYLOCK is its streamlined design, unlike most systems, SKYLOCK has integrated 3 systems into 1, combining 360-degree radar detection, with optics and a laser system that provides neutralization of the drone.

Public awareness of drone threats is increasing rapidly. We have had a lot of interest from governments, airport authorities, prisons and critical infrastructures from Europe and Latin America.

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