UrbanLock enables security & safety forces, military and law enforcement to easily achieve comprehensive drone aerial situational awareness.
UrbanLock is a passive (non-transmitting) RF interception solution which detects, geolocates and tracks low-altitude commercial-off-the-shelf drones.
UrbanLock is also able to geolocate the drone operator. UrbanLock provides a wide coverage and highly accurate situational awareness picture of drones operating in a monitored area. UrbanLock operates well in open areas as well as in dense urban zones, despite the latter’s complex RF environment, high noise and spectral clutter.
UrbanLock shows extremely high detection sensitivity and geolocation accuracy even in complex and high noise environments, with effectively zero false alarms.



Fully compatible with dense urban environments
High accuracy and long-range detection and geolocation
Small footprint and formfactor
non-transmitting fully passive mode
Non-transmitting fully passivemode
Fixed installations
Mass Target Tracking
High POI with zero false alarms
Efficient large area coverage
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  • A single UrbanLock system is comprised of 4 or more sensors that can be permanently installed in fixed locations, and a system Command and Control centre.
  • The sensors can also be transported and reinstalled as per the specific need and even support vehicle installations for rapid tactical deployment.
  • The sensors receive RF frequencies and analysis and communicate with the C&C centre which performs the geolocation, tracking and manages the overall system operation. The Command and Control centre is realized on a standard server which can be installed locally (e.g. in a fixed site-local deployment) or remotely/ clouded (e.g. in HQ or a data centre).
  • UrbanLock drone situational awareness picture can be viewed over a web-based GUI, either locally at the C&C centre or remotely over PCs and mobile devices, supporting both safety and security command and management as well as field-deployed units. As a passive system, UrbanLock supports civilian, military and HLS operations and is therefore fully compliant with all relevant civilian regulations (FCC, privacy, cyber, wiretapping).
  • UrbanLock is a fully operational, field-proven, TRL 9 solution and has been successfully used in the most demanding environments and scenarios.

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