VIP Dome Pro

Vip Dome Pro

Main features

Similar to the VIP DOME, the VIP DOME PRO is a plug-and-play system that utilizes line-of-sight sensor technology to detect and mitigate incursive drones invading an assigned perimeter.

The VIP DOME PRO contains a 360° RF detector, internal GPS, and compass that allows it to provide omni-directional anti-drone coverage while on-the-move. The RF detector has no ‘dead zone’ and covers all directions. Upon detecting a threat, the system relays an automated command to the jamming unit.

anti drone radar

The RF Jammer

  • The RF jammer instantly blocks all radio communication between the drone and its remote control, preventing any further incursion and danger to the VIP.
  • Like the VIP DOME, the PRO version of the VIP DOME maintains an electronic library of drones. More advanced, it has AI capabilities where not only will it detect one on the pre-programmed list, but it will also identify a DIY drone not already included.

The Integrated C4I

Includes a visual display of the directional finding of the drones, the drone frequency, and its utilized protocol. Depending on the ‘noise’ within the RF environment, detection can occur up to a distance of three kilometers away, with mitigation matching that distance –preventing the approach of any enemy drones.

VIP Dome Pro

Runs on battery or AC electrical power (from a generator or UPS), and based on detected frequency and protocol, the PRO gives each drone a unique ID for the white list (or black list) feature so it can be recognized at any point in the future. This technology can be deployed quickly and, upon activation, can respond to enemy drones within five seconds of detection.  
anti drone radar

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