SKYBLADE is designed to intercept drones, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), S-UAV (Drones) and low flying objects flying at low perimeter altitudes.
The SKYBLADE laser burner is vehicle mounted and may be easily towed.
Utislising EO/IR components, the SKYBLADE, high power laser system tracks the target. The operator has the ability to stop all flying objects, including those without communication, (pre-programmed missions).
The laser system is controlled from the command station, facilitating the control of the rotator, by 70° in altitude and 280° in the azimuth.
The digitised rotator has full software support. The unit is controlled by a micro-processor for PLL & DDS programming.


  • Wave Length: IR
  • Operating Mode:Semi-Active
  • Perimeter:Azimuth –155/+125 | Elevation – -10/70+ | Over 40-° Elevation of Azimuth is -180/125+
  • Tracking Speed:3° per sec
  • Shooting Time:Up to 12 min
  • Power Supply:Up to 65KW
  • Transport & Deployment:Mobile Option  Command Center  Standalone Option
  • Weather:40° Direct Sun
  • Limits:20 Knot Wind
  • Size: Max Height 2.8m  Max Width 2.3m  Max Length 6.1m  Max Weight 5000Kg
  • Mitigation Distance: Up to 1.2Km
  • Time To Mitigate: Few seconds
  • Laser Power: 3KW
  • Power Consumption – Generator: 5KVA