Portable and cost-effective, DRONELOCK is an autonomous multi-rotor, using kinetic energy and sophisticated C-UAS tracking to detect intercept and neutralise hostile drones, using proprietary onboard AI and advanced machine vision processing.  DRONELOCK is used to intercept a single target or a drone swarm.

DRONELOCK is an easy-to-operate, beyond visual line-of-sight C-UAS solution that can operate as a standalone unit or integrated into an existing drone detection infrastructure.




  • Takeoff Weight – 960g
  • Dimensions(L×W×H) – 160mm x 160mm x 269mm
  • Cruise Speed – 150K/h – 200K/h
  • Attack Speed – Direct/Ascent attacks 200K/h |   Dive attack up to 350K/h
  • Max Range – 4km
  • Max Altitude – 4km
  • Max Tilt Angle – 180° (inverted flights capabilities)
  • Operating Temperature Range -15°C – 50°C
  • Camera Sensor – 4K sensor with day/low light capabilities
  • 2 FOV – 120° Diagonal
  • Battery Type – LiPo rechargeable


  • Laptop Platform – Ruggedized Windows-based laptop Proprietary AI and Machin
  • Communication Frequency – 2.4GHz – 2.5GHz
  • Video Communication – Wifi based
  • Video Max Range – ~500m (can be extended with boosters)
  • Telemetry Communication – Full- Duplex, encrypted, mesh network
  • Telemetry Max Range – Above 6km
  • Tablet Platform – Android-based tablet


  • AI/Machin Vision –Proprietary AI and MachineVision
  • Target Types – Balloons,kites, multi-rotors, and fixed-wings
  • Attack Mode Selection –Automatic
  • Visual Detection Range – 100m-400m
  • Video Processing Rate – 60fps


  • Physics Engine – Unity based physics engine that simulates different environments, scenarios, and target types.
  • Log – ability to download and review log flights from the Skyforce for review and analysis
  • Training – Ability to add new targets to the AI dataset