Commercial drones have become a part of the landscape in urban environments, used for agriculture, mapping and even delivery services.
SKYLOCK’s field-proven control-taking system enables security officers to gain control of malicious drones by disrupting the WI-FI signal and GPS signal frequency between the device and its operator, without affecting the operation of authorized drones in the area.
Once the signal has been disrupted the Control Taker forces the drone to land or “go home.”



  • Frequency : 2.4-2.5Ghz & 5.725-5.875Ghz & 430-435Mhz & 902-928Mhz
  • Transmit Power: <1W (Configurable upon request)
  • Antenna: Array of 7 Antennae
  • Range : 4km Line of Sight in 2.4Ghz at >1W transmit power using omnidirectional antenna. Range varies depending on antenna type, transmit power  and terrain.
  • Operation Mode: Detection Only Mode: Auto Mitigation Mode; Manual Mitigation Mode
  • Supported Drone Models : Multiple models and manufacturers of commercial drones, please contact Skylock for a full updated list
  • External Sensors: Open architecture and standardized interface for ease of Integration with external sensors (e.g. acoustic, Radar, EO/IR)
  • Dimension: 19W x 7H x 22D in.
  • Weight: 60 lbs / 27.2Kg
  • Operational voltage: 10-32 VDC
  • Power consumption: 360W (12A at 30VDC Power Supply)