Iran’s Advances in Drone Tech Poses Threat to Gulf States

Iran’s Advances in Drone Tech Poses Threat to Gulf States

SKYLOCK’s anti-drone solutions

Arming Regional Terror

Iran has been arming a number of proxy militias since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in an attempt to assert regional domination and spread its influence. The signing of the Iran Nuclear Deal providing $150 billion of frozen funds to the Islamic Republic has allowed it to continue exporting oil around the world—and increasing its funding for terror networks in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Increased Threats to Gulf States

The predominantly Sunni Gulf States have long tried to stave off Iranian hegemony in the region. Iran’s military advances, clearly meant to propel its apocalyptic agenda of blackmailing the West and exerting as much influence as possible over neighboring states was substantially buoyed by the Nuclear Deal and lifting of sanctions. Despite the current US administration’s attempts to undermine Iran, the EU has done everything in its power to stymie the Americans.

In 2015, the Iranian-backed Houthi militia led a coup d’état in Yemen replacing president Hadi and forcing the country’s government into exile. Saudi Arabia retaliated by forming a coalition of Gulf States to fight the Houthis. The civil war in Yemen has raged on for the past three years claiming thousands of lives and displacing hundreds of thousands of civilians from their homes. The Gulf States have plenty of reasons for concern as a result of the latest developments.

Iran has placed special focus on advancing its military technology. On December 4th, 2011, Iranian forces captured an American Sentinel drone flying a mission over its territory. It has reportedly managed to create exact replicas of the UAV, supplying it to Hezbollah and the Houthis who also happen to possess other Iranian-made drones which they have used to attack coalition troops.

SKYLOCK’s anti-drone solutions

SKYLOCK has developed a suite of anti-drone technology systems providing early detection, long range protection of up to 3.5km and neutralization of unauthorized drones. These drone defenses are capable of tracking and eliminating up to 200 drones simultaneously.

The integrated systems provide active, passive, and selective solutions for multiple applications including: HLS, border protection, critical assets defenses, airport and seaport security, VIP and convoy protection in the fight against drone attacks.

Our counter-drone systems have been deployed and are operational in several countries and we are currently working with a number of airports around the world to provide them the ultimate protection against drone collisions and attacks.

Leaders in Customization

SKYLOCK‘s advantage lies in our capacity to provide tailored solutions that may be adapted to meet your specific set of threats and requirements whether these are thwarting terrorist drone attacks, defending public gatherings, or preventing drone/aircraft collisions guaranteeing the ultimate anti-drone solution.

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