Addressing drone terrorism in Africa: Challenges and solutions

Addressing drone terrorism in Africa: Challenges and solutions

Increased reliance on drones by terrorist organisations can be traced back to their availability and affordability in the global market. This has transformed the face of warfare, posing a considerable challenge to armies worldwide, with the African context feeling the effects more acutely.    In recent years, African security and intelligence authorities have reported a […]

The rising tide of naval drones in Asia-Pacific

Naval-Usa Aeroscope RF Detection System with Aeroscope

The proliferation of such technology introduces new and evolving threats, demonstrating the pressing need for C-UAS measures.   According to an article recently published in The Japan Times, the use of unmanned systems is witnessing exponential growth among Indo-Pacific navies. This surge is driven by digital technologies, communications, and artificial intelligence (AI) advancements. Olli Suorsa, […]

Microwave-based C-UAS: the next big thing?

It is important to acknowledge that the technology is still in its early stages, and other counter-drone technologies have already proven their reliability in dealing with drone swarms.   In recent years, the use of drones has skyrocketed, offering immense benefits across various industries. However, the rise of drone swarms has raised concerns about potential […]

The impact of AI on counter-drone measures

AI algorithms can process real-time data from multiple sensors, evaluate the behaviour and characteristics of detected drones, and assess their potential threat levels.   AI has emerged as a powerful ally in the cat-and-mouse game between drones and counter-drone systems. Integrating AI algorithms in C-UAS operations has significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of counter-drone […]

Can South Korea defend itself against drone attacks?

A recent report divulges that South Korea may take years to fully implement its counter-drone plan, raising questions about the nation’s current defensive capabilities. In the modern battleground, drones have become a potent tool, giving nations an upper hand in surveillance and attack strategies. However, a recently leaked U.S. intelligence document has brought to light […]

Are counter-drone laser weapons going to change the C-UAS field?

“The application strategy of counter-drone laser weapons is still limited compared to other C-UAS systems”, says Skylock’s CTO, Ofer Kachan   Innovation and resourcefulness are often referred to as “game changers,” a term that has become clichéd. Currently, it appears that laser weapons are causing a stir in the counter-drone sector. Could they truly be […]

The rise of drone carriers

Recent unveilings of Turkish and Chinese drone carriers mark a new era of drone integration in maritime operations.   Drones have already demonstrated immense potential in various aspects of modern warfare, including surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeted strikes. As the world’s navies continue to seek advanced capabilities and strategic advantages, drones are increasingly being integrated into […]

Skylock soars high as a leader in the UAV jammer market

A recent report identifies the company as a key player in the market and an industry leader   The UAV jammer market has experienced rapid growth recently, with numerous companies vying for the top spot. Among these contenders, Skylock has consistently managed to outperform its competitors, securing its place as an industry leader and a […]

The threat of drones to government buildings and landmarks is real

From espionage to terrorist attacks, governments must protect public figures, buildings, and critical infrastructure. As the use of drones becomes increasingly prevalent, the threat they pose to security is becoming a growing concern. In particular, Government buildings, national monuments and landmarks, can potentially become targets for any malicious drone activity. Drones pose significant risks to […]

How will the discontinuation of DJI’s AeroScope system impact airport security? 

Airports that rely on the system will be more vulnerable to unauthorised drone activity. To maintain security levels, these organisations will need to find and invest in alternative solutions. In February 2023, Dublin Airport temporarily suspended all flights due to illegal drone activity. Flight operations were suspended for 30 minutes before resuming, without any diversions […]

A drone threat hovers over stadiums and arenas

“Technological advancements tend to outpace regulatory developments. Governments should reevaluate their regulations regarding jammers and spoofers”, says Itzik Huber, Skylock’s CEO “A drone attack on a stadium filled with 60,000 spectators has the potential to be a game changer on the scale of 9/11 in terms of its magnitude and impact”, says Itzik Huber, CEO […]

Narcodrones are changing the smuggling game

In Latin America, drone technology makes it easy to traffic drugs and smuggle contraband into prisons Transnational organised crime (TOC) groups are incredibly sophisticated. They know how to do business. 8% of the worldwide trade is accounted for the illegal drug trade, estimated to be worth $400 billion a year. This is big business. You […]