Can Homemade Drones be Countered?
Overcoming the DIY Drone Threat

Drones are the pinnacle of modern technology – human ingenuity at its finest. In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles have reached new levels of precision and innovation, presenting a superb example of state-of-the-art engineering. Drones are an excellent illustration of how humans can outsmart one another through improvisation. The Economist called it “asymmetric warfare”; on […]

India’s National Security Challenged by Escalating Drone Threats

In the summer of 2021, India’s Air Force Station in Jammu experienced its first drone attack by low-flying drones carrying improvised explosive devices. Although the attack caused no severe damage nor injuries, the government has come to learn the seriousness of the phenomenon as hundreds of intrusions have since been reported along the Pakistan border. […]

Why the Next Generation of Drones Poses a Threat to Densely Populated Areas

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About 50 million people worldwide have been affected by urban warfare, according to a report by the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Radhya al-Mutawakel, Chairperson and co-founder of the Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, stated in January 2022: “Civilians in Yemen have been made victims by explosive weapons used in […]

Naval Drone Attacks: Countermeasures to an Evolving Threat

At least five maritime drone incidents have occurred in 2021-2022 in locations spanning from the UK’s River Thames to The Indian Ocean. The drones were operated by Ukraine, Hezbollah terror organisation, and Iran, and all incidents, whether malicious or reckless, involved human casualties or damage to property. As many UAV-related events remain under wraps for […]

Float Like a UAV, Sting Like a Bee – Four Types of Drones You Need to Know About

Drones, formally known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), were used primarily for military purposes. Essentially small flying robots, drones are now utilised in an array of civilian services, including deliveries, construction, photography, and even entertainment. UAVs are also used in search and rescue missions, climate and weather monitoring, smart cities, and other long-term objectives. As […]

Thailand: Golden Rules to Safety with New Drone Laws

In recent years, the Kingdom of Thailand has kept a careful eye on drones being flown randomly by the population at large and, more recently, by tourists posting about their holidays on social media. The Thai government established clear rules determining that anyone who wants to fly a drone would need permission from the Civil […]

Public Areas and Institutions Must Deploy Anti-Drone Systems Against Drone Threats

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The world has experienced a steady increase in the number of drone incidents in the past few years, emphasising the need for a long-term anti-drone solution that can mitigate any possible threat to the public at any time. Since 2014, the FAA has been regularly publishing the UAS Sightings report showing thousands of intrusions in […]