Airport Anti-Drone Security



In recent years the aviation industry has experienced an alarming increase in near-collisions between drones and aircraft during take-off and landing due to unauthorised drones straying into commercial airspace. In many cases, these incidents have resulted in severe disruption to flights and airport operations, causing substantial financial damage. To mitigate such incidents, airports require reliable counter-measures to avoid future disruptions to their operations and, more importantly, ensure public safety.

SKYLOCK’s unique, flexible approach provides customisable, scalable, multi-layered platforms comprising modular passive systems to detect, verify, and neutralise unauthorised drones. Each modular platform is tailored to meet the airport’s specific threats and regulatory requirements. Our multi-layered counter-drone systems create effective coverage of the pre-defined no-fly zone around the airport perimeters, creating an impenetrable layer of aerial defence against drones and UAS incursions.

The passive detection system comprises high-gain directional antennas which facilitate the detection, recognition and identification of small drones at a range of up to 5km, allowing security operators to pinpoint the precise location of the drone and operator. The control taking function enables security operators to block all communication between the drone and its operator and take control of the drone.




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