SKYLOCK offers an inovative, end-to end detect and defeat solution to mitigate all types of malicious drone threats.
Our smart wearable solution provides dismounted soldiers full protection against commercial drones used by unfriendly forces for reconnaissance or as a weapon delivery system. With a rugged exterior, weighing only 775g, per unit, this versatile platform allows dismounted soldiers to focus on their mission.



  • Weight:775g
  • Dimensions:H60 X W90 X D165mm
  • Battery STBY:>20 Hours
  • Battery JAM:2 Hours
  • External Battery:An/Prc-148 and An/Prc-152
  • Operating Mode:Automatic & Manual
  • Transmit Power:2w
  • Frequency Band:2.4GHZ, 5.8GHZ
  • Internal Antenna:6 DBI Antenna Gain | Eirp Of 8w | Circular Polarized | Beam Hor.+ Ver.- 60°
  • Jamming Range: 1km
  • Colors:Black/ Desert/ Custom
  • Included Accessories:Pelican Case
  • Optional Accessories:Firewarm Uprgade Tool


  • Weight:735g
  • Dimensions:H42 X W96 X D166mm
  • Battery Capacity:>14 Hours
  • IP Rating: Ip67
  • External Battery: An/Prc-148 And An/Prc-152
  • Internal Antenna:2.4GHZ, 5.8GHZ
  • Detection Time:>5 Sec For Known Target
  • Frequency Band:2.4GHZ, 5.8GHZ
  • Detection Range:1km LOS
  • Colors:Black/ Desert/ Custom